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History of the company

The Benalcazar family, lovers to Peru, found in Ica a favorable weather for agriculture, in 1995 begins the operations permanently in the valley. Starting with the fresh green asparagus, the star culture of that time. As the years passed, the business vision and commercial hability made were one of the pioneers in table grapes planted on the plains of Villacurí. This great leap of the precision farming made today Agro Victoria is one of the leading companies in the field of fresh fruits.
Be a leader in fresh fruit industry, delivering products of the highest quality, food safety and value to our customers around the world; developing and promoting lifestyles of our employees; and respecting the environment and our natural resources.

Be a leader in Peruvian agriculture, creating owner technology, using sustainably our natural resources and promoting the spirit of excellence of our employees

• Responsible and Confiable
• Respectful and Loyalist
• Tolerant and Solidarity

Geographical description of our fields

Agro Victoria SAC is located in the department of Ica, on the south central coast of the Peruvian coast, which is the only one of the departments of the coast formed by dunes and coastal plains. It has a subtropical dry desert weather which makes this area a special atmosphere conducive to precision farming. We have an area of 3,250 hectares, of which over 1,000 are planted with crops of grapes, Granada and avocado.