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Agro Victoria

In 1995, the Benalcazar family established themselves permanently in the Pampa de Villacuri area, being one of the firsts efforts to transform desertic soil into farming lands; the potential for a great development existed, a decision was needed and it was taken at the best time possible.

After many years of learning, we have consolidated our produce into: grapes (varieties: superior, red globe and flame), blueberries and pomegranates. We were pioneers in the Ica region in all of these varieties, both in plantation scale and foreign markets.

The Benalcazar’s vision of a Precision Agriculture has been always the guideline for Agrovictoria to become one of the main grape agricultural companies nationwide.


We produce, pack and export fresh fruits with the aim of nurturing our customers in America, Europe and Asia under a scheme of excellence in product quality and delivery times according to the needs of our customers, generating development and professionalism on the coast and southern highlands of Peru.


Become the Peruvian company most associated with the concept of excellence in large foreign fresh food markets.

Our fields

We have two farms in the department of Ica, in the central-southern coastal area of ​​Peru. The first, with the name of “El Despertar”, located in the Pampas of Villacurí with a semi-desert micro climate and sandy terrain; and the second, called “La Esmeralda”, located in Pampa de los Castillos with a subtropical micro climate and sandy loam. 

Our partners

The Agro Victoria family is committed to quality and professionalism. One of our great goals is the growth of all members of this great family.

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Global Gap Certification

GLOBALGAP is a set of a total of 40 agricultural standards recognized internationally and dedicated to Good Agricultural Practices.

HACCP Certification

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) is a scientific-based system that identifies specific hazards and measures for their control.

BRC Certification

BRC certification is an internationally recognized mark of food safety and quality.