Peru’s grape exports to grow due to new access to the Argentinian Market

Date : November 26, 2019

The Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation (Minagri) opened the Argentine market for grapes from Peru, with this agreement it is expected to exceed last season’s export that amounted to 374,000 tons, making Argentina the 72nd destination country for our fresh fruit .

“In the Ministry of Agriculture we are working to expand and open more international markets for our products that enjoy great recognition for their quality and variety abroad,” said the head of the sector, Jorge Montenegro.

Argentina imports grapes from other countries for an amount that annually amounts to US $ 2,500,000. This exchange will benefit our producers mainly from the exporting regions of Ica and Piura.

“This achievement is the product of years of hard work between the specialists of the Minagri and the National Service of Agrarian Health (Senasa), with their peers from the Service of Health and Agro-Food Quality, Senasa Argentina, which we congratulate thousands of national producers and exporters grape “, said Carlos Zamorano, general manager of Provid – Association of Table Grape Producers.

The representative of this important union expressed his interest in the fact that the national health authority, which this week celebrates 27 years of institutional life, will soon be able to gain access to the potential market for Peruvian grapes in Japan and meet the demand of its 126 million consumers.

Peru is the third world exporter of fresh grapes, it has 19,500 certified hectares of this fruit for export purposes. Among the main varieties it has the Red Globe, Crimson Seedless and Flame Seedless and Thompson Seedless.