Grape is Peru’s main fruit export

Date : April 6, 2020.

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Peru has been able to position itself within the rankings of the main exporters worldwide, as is the case of grapes and blueberries.

According to Customs data, Peru exported 350,000 tons of the grape last year. Also, shipments exceeded $ 900 million.

“The table grape is the main export fruit of Peru, ahead of blueberry, avocado or asparagus,” said Fernando Cillóniz, president of the consulting firm Inform@cción.

The report states that Ica was the main grape exporting region with 165,000 tons, after Piura with 137,000 tons. Lambayeque ranked third with 27,800 tons and La Libertad fourth with 18,100 tons.

From the companies’ perspective, Cillóniz highlighted that the top five in terms of last season were Sociedad Agrícola Rapel, El Pedregal, Beta, Ecosac and Agrícola Andrea.

Until 2019, the United States has been the main market for this Peruvian fruit, with 150,000 tons of imported table grapes, as the sector was showing a dependence on the Chinese market with the “red globe” variety.